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Battling Boring School Lunches

Back to school time is busy enough, even before having to think of what to feed the kids. Evenings are busy getting ready for the next day and mornings can be chaotic getting the kids off to school. Personally, I find that breakfast and packed lunches require the most planning, but I have learned to make the time, especially if it means avoiding the disheveled chaos that I have known all too well.

The following are some back to school breakfast and lunch strategies that I do at home to keep me organized with sanity somewhat intact. I also find these tips helpful in keeping my most valuable learners bright and energized, ready to take on the day. I hope you find the same.

  1. Get back to basics. Strive to keep meals and snacks simple but nutritious. Most processed foods have fancy packaging and look ‘fun’ to eat, but they won’t have all the healthy fats, fibre, and protein your child needs to thrive. They are full of sugar and artificial ingredients that have no benefit to their IQs or their growing bodies. Fresh fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that encourage your child’s palate to choose and welcome healthy foods. Starting the morning off with a protein rich smoothie is super easy and if you freeze the banana, you can even pack this in a travel mug for them to drink on their way to school or later for snack.

  2. Fill ‘em up! A good lunch and afternoon snack will help keep them from looking for quick acting carbs, like sugary treats and potato chips when they get home from school. Try sending them with a tasty yet satiating breakfast burrito for lunch. Check out the recipe here:

  3. Mix things up with a bento box. This gives them lots of variety to choose from; just make sure you are including a protein, veggies, and a fruit in there. An example would be, chicken kebab chunks, hummus / dairy free garlic dip (I get this from my local Mediterranean grocery store) Kalamata olives, red pepper slices and blueberries. You can swap the chicken for a hard-boiled egg and change up the blueberries for another fruit, the following day. Perhaps your kids would like to put it together the night before.

  4. Long live the thermos! If your child stays at school for lunch you can jam pack a wide variety of vegetables into a hearty soup, stew or chili. This hearty beef soup is one of my favourite things to pack for my kids. Especially in the winter when I want them to have a hot lunch. I heat it up in the morning, then by lunch it’s at a temperature they can eat right away. I can freeze some for later and get a few lunches out of one pot. Of course, you can also put cold things in there too so check out the recipe for a bean salad you can throw together 1-2-3 days before

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