About Diane

(and the women I work with)



I am a mother of two and a Nutritionist. I work with women over forty because, being one myself, I am discovering that some things aren’t as easy as they used to be. I’m not alone in this discovery. 


Typically, the women I work with are starting to see (or have already seen) visible signs of the aging process and are wondering where the time has gone. Having spent many years working, running the household, raising kids or taking care of family members or whatever the case is, she has completely lost sight of herself. She looks in the mirror ashamed, embarrassed, mortified, sad and thinks “when the hell did this happen?” 


To her very core she feels frumpy, heavy, bloated, sick, achy, old, ugly, fat; she feels much older than she is. Time continues to go by quickly and she’s panicking because she doesn’t know what to do and more importantly who to turn to. Ultimately, she tries to do it on her own for a while or even years, but then she gains more weight, gets sicker and blames herself for failing. She’s sick of trying everything because nothing works. 


As her Nutritionist, I care about her, so I’m not going to give her generic, bullshit advice like “eat less and exercise more” or ‘teach’ her how to live a life of counting calories and tracking everything she eats forever so she can feel guilty when she fails, because she will, it’s just set up that way.


Instead, I see her as someone who has a whole new life ahead of her and it’s completely within her grasp. I help her to overcome those obstacles that are keeping her stuck so she can feel confident again. I teach her about her body and why it's responding the way it is and what she needs to fuel it properly, so she doesn’t have to feel like crap anymore.

That’s what I do. And maybe a meal plan here and there. 


If you’re a woman over 40 and this sounds like you, come on over to my free, private Facebook group Break the Chains with Diane Murphy where you can come to learn and laugh with me and so many other remarkable women.