About Diane


I graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) in 2008, which was an exciting and fundamental turning point in my life. Conditioned by a life of conventional wisdom, my newly acquired education became the nutritional blueprint to how I was going to live my life and raise my children. By applying what I had learned, I watched my own health transform; effectively nourishing myself redirected me from a life of pain and medication towards whole foods, supplements and vitality. Nine years later, I am still amazed and inspired by the transformations brought on by the functional and sustainable holistic approach. I believe that if this level of nutrition was taught in elementary schools like math, science and English, our country’s picture of health would look very different today.

I have a contagious excitement for health and nutrition. Several of my clients know my story, feed off my passion and learn to become self-motivated. I have seen baby steps lead to positive, life-changing results that couldn’t be achieved any other way. I am a dedicated practitioner and I work very hard to continuously learn so that I can provide the best care for my clients. I ask questions, investigate, breakdown, dissect and analyze information to determine root cause or at least a strong starting point. Every individual is different; therefore, every protocol must be customized. I empower and motivate people with knowledge because education aids in prevention and is pivotal for consistently making good choices.


Your body is a master communicator and when you listen to it, you'll gain a lot more control over your health.

Take your first baby step today.

Toronto, ON

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