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Breast Cancer Care and Recovery (BCCAR) Program

Creating Your  90-Day Anti-Cancer Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol

Whether you’re in recovery from or have active breast cancer, I want to make this difficult, stressful journey a little easier for you by teaching you how to use diet, supplementation and lifestyle strategies to your healing advantage. I want to help you to confidently take some control back over your diagnosis so that you can support your healthy cells and live your life as normally as possible. 

During this 3 month process we will be creating and test driving your 90-Day Anti-Cancer Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol specifically designed for breast cancer which involves helping you to:

  • ADVOCATE for yourself by making critical nutritional and lifestyle changes part of your treatment and recovery plan because the hospital won’t show you how to do that.


  • ADD the most potent anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory foods and supplements to your diet to help create an environment that makes it more difficult for cancer to thrive (and you don’t have to research them all yourself!).


  • DISCOVER the major driving forces behind cancer progression and how you can build a solid nutritional and lifestyle protocol to help limit the impact of these drivers.  


  • BUILD life-changing habits that can help to protect and stabilize the DNA in your healthy cells against damage from cancer, medication and other toxins. 

Also included in the BCCAR Program 



There are online Zoom calls to support you and to help reduce some of the overwhelm by giving you a platform to ask your questions so you can continue to make important dietary and lifestyle changes that work toward your recovery.

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Program Materials

You will be given access to our membership database where you can download the BCCAR Workbook and other educational materials, watch videos and find resources that will all aid in building your cancer care and recovery protocol. This is updated frequently with new or applicable research for you to check out. 

Is the BCCAR Program for you?

This program may require radical dietary and mindset changes and is not for everyone. It can also feel like a lot of work, and although we can work at a pace that suits you, it will depend on how you are feeling if you don’t have someone who can cook and shop for you and help you to follow the program. Here are things to consider when deciding if this program is for you at this time.

This program could really benefit you if you can relate to many of the following. 

You Are:

  • determined to recover and are physically capable of cooking and following a protocol 

  •  willing to cook super healthy food (or open to trying)

  • advocating for yourself and open to learning

  • eager to get started and focused on healing 

  • open to chatting in a group setting

  • seeking hope and inspiration

You Want:

  • to have some control over your healing process and you’re willing to make radical changes if you need to

  • to take charge of your diagnosis and bring back some normalcy to your life

  • support from other women who are in a similar situation

  • to use alternative or complementary cancer healing methods that involve nutrition, supplements and lifestyle


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