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Diane Murphy

This is not an overnight fix and I know that time, money, health status and all sorts of other things need to be considered when making a big decision like this one, so I have a couple of options laid out for you here. 


All services are booked through me so I can give you more information and we can decide what is best suited for your situation or if we need to find something else. Timing can be really important due to treatments, surgery etc. so naturally that will be a factor that we’ll need to work out as well. 


I’m an old fashioned gal (sometimes) and would prefer to chat over the phone if you have a bunch of questions (the first call is free) BUT you can email me instead if you prefer.


1/ BCCAR Program (Full Length)

 $1797.00 (Pay in Full)

$600/month  (3 Month Payment Plan)


The Breast Cancer Care and Recovery (BCCAR) program runs for 3 months and we will build your anti-cancer Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol using the BCCAR Membership Hub where your program information is stored. 


This protocol involves creating and following 7 Healthy Habits which we work on together to transform your diet, create a supplementation protocol if you need one, modify your lifestyle habits which includes stress management and assessing environmental/household factors and products that might be negatively affecting your health.


We’ll go through this together during our weekly ZOOM consultations. These weekly sessions act as accountability or “check in calls” to see how you’re doing and to keep you on track and clear about your next steps. 


Please refer to the BCCAR Program page on my website for more program details.  


This may be a good option for you if you have a lot of changes to make in your diet and lifestyle and want a more gradual approach as well as more support. We can discuss this on a call together. 

2/ BCCAR Program (Self Study) 

$375.00 (Pay in Full)

This is a great option if you just want access to the BCCAR Program Membership Hub where you can go through the modules on your own time and put together your own protocol following the 7 healthy habits.


There are no weekly coaching calls with this option but there is a 1:1 consultation with me that you can use to get started, then you can run with it from there.


You can always upgrade your program or book individual sessions with me if you need a hand or just some extra support.

Please refer to the BCCAR Program page on my website for more program details or you can get in touch with me directly.  

 How to work with me

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